*He was born October 17, 1972 in Kansas City, MO*
*His mom was a single mother and raised him*
*He moved from trailer park to trailer park*
*His mom settled with him in the East Side of Detroit when   Eminem was 12*
*Eminem became interested in '80s rap acts such as 2 Live Crew, NWA, and L.L Cool J  he began to open up more in the form of rapping and rhyming*
*People thought of him as a white rapper posing black so he got into many fights at school*
*Eminem didn't spend much of his time actually studying, and after mastering the art of skipping school, the teenage delinquent dropped out altogether*
*He spent his time working several minimum-wage jobs, while concentrating on rapping*
*the master rhymer released a solo independent album, Infinite, in 1996*
*In his early days of emerging into Slim Shady he did not recieve the kind of success he enjoys today but recieved many negative coments*
*He participated in the Coalition's 1997 "Rap Olympics" in L.A.*
*Dr.Dre signed him to a contract*
*The Slim Shady EP. Released in 1998, The Slim Shady EP (named after Eminem's evil alter-ego -- no kidding) made the rapper a star on the rap scene, and led to his appearance on MC Shabaam Sahdeeq's "Five Star General''*
*In 1999, The Slim Shady LP was released, containing songs such as "My Name Is..." and his collaboration with Dre, "Guilty Conscience''*
*When Eminem's The Marshall Mathers LP was released in 2000, Eminem quickly became the star of the year*
*In 2002, Eminem made his acting debut in the movie 8 Mile, which was based loosely on his life*
*The Eminem Show was also released in 2002*
*In 2004, Eminem returned to the charts with the first single off his fourth album, Encore. The video for "Just Lose It" pokes fun at Michael Jackson*
*Despite the controversy surrounding Eminem's vulgar and suggestive lyrics, not to mention negative press such as being sued by his mother, his wife (and mother of his daughter Hailie Jade) filing for divorce, being charged with gun possession, as well as his wife's suicide attempt, and pretty much being despised by everyone in the free world, it's hard to ignore Eminem's sheer talent as a lyricist and musician*
*In 2005 He came out with 2 aulbums one with the chart topping song ''mockingbird'' And Curtain Call, a recap of his career in music with all his hit songs, that also says this is the end of SlimShady R.I.P, he also stated that in his show that premered on MTV to show the recap of videos for the songs. He has chose to put the mike down for a little while, so he can spend some time with his family*


Eminem is not the bad guy people thinks he is. That was the past that was slim shady this is now and the future and it is Marshal Mathers, eminem.

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!Eminem At A Concert!